Oct 30, 2016

Halloween Show 2016

This years Halloween show is a lot of fun music mixed with some weird news, you know, Werewolf’s, Grave robbers and Witches keeping your penis as a pet!

Track list below ( All of this music can be found on Youtube.)

  1. Squirrel Nut Zippers- Ghost Of Stephen Foster
  2. Messer Chups – Insomnia of The Mummies
  3. Kip Tyler – She’s My Witch
  4. Mad Witch – Dave Gardner
  5. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You
  6. The Cramps – Human Fly
  7. The Zanies – The Mad Scientist
  8. Reverend Horton Heat – Psychobilly Freakout
  9. The Munsters
  10.  The Gastly Ones -Haulin Hearse
  11. The Hammerdowns – Frankensteins Hotrod
  12. Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell
  13. The Lucky Devils – People Are Strange
  14. Round Robin – Im The Wolf Man
  15. Bert Convy- The Monster Hop
  16.  The Misfits – Halloween

Oct 23, 2016

Episode 207 Aaron From EsoterX.com – Unicorns and Doppelgangers are jerks! - Project: Archivist


This week returning guest Aaron Dabbah  from EsoterX joins us to talk a wide ranging variety of topics. We cover the fact that the paranormal world has no respect for our personal space, Doppelgangers and Unicorns are jerks, Why Russian countesses are great candidates for spontaneous Human Combustion and how you could be a witch and not know it.


EsoterX is an anthropological investigation of the ontological status of things that go bump in the night.  The fact that monsters may or may not be corporeal is of no consequence, as Charles Baudelaire said, “I consider it useless and tedious to represent that which exists, because nothing that exists satisfies me.  Nature is ugly, and I prefer the monsters of my fancy to what is positively trivial”.  Born in a log cabin behind the Institute for Psychical Research, I am an applied anthropologist by training, inclination, and neurosis, masquerading as a computational linguist and software engineer by day, busy accumulating obscure masters degrees in an attempt to assemble a set of letters after my name that spontaneously result in some sort of gematriac significance.  And I’m convinced the universe is a far weirder place than we like to admit and the only reasonable response is that recommended by Hunter Thompson — “When the going gets weird, turn pro”.


~ If Monsters Don’t Exist, Why Are They Out To Get Me?


EsoterX on YOUTUBE 

Oct 17, 2016

Episode 206 Ben Radford Bad Clowns and Clownocalpse 2016 - Project: Archivist


Ben Radford returns this week to talk about his new book “Bad Clowns” those malicious misfits of the midway who terrorize, haunt, and threaten us. We talk about Dip Clowns, Clown Porn, Native American Clowns, Crotchy the masturbating clown and the great clown panic of 2016.

Bens New Book “Bad Clowns” 

Purchase on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Bad-Clowns-Benjamin-Radford/dp/0826356664


Bens Web sight: http://benjaminradford.com/

Oct 10, 2016

Episode 205 Spider Chuck - Project: Archivist


This week, Lobo is out of town and has the week off so I again drag Chuck from Wheel Nerds over to help with co-hosting duties. We talk about Chuck getting bit by a Black widow spider, A guy in Australia who has been bit on the penis by a Black Widow, TWICE! We cover creepy Asian urban legends and a assortment of paranormal motorcycle legends ranging from the headless biker to alien bikers on giant bikes.

Links from the show:

Crikey! ‘Unluckiest Man in Australia’ Gets 2 Penis Spider Bites in a Year

5 Absolutely Terrifying Urban Legends from Asia

Aliens On Motorcycles Easy Rider Encounter


Ghost Motorcycle

Chilling Photo Shows Human-Shaped “Ghost” Floating Above Scene of Fatal Kentucky Motorcycle Accident


Dane Sturgeon – Ghost Of Bardsley Road


Oct 3, 2016

Episode 204 Andrew Gable and Mystery Animals Of Pennsylvania - Project: Archivist


This week all things internet and electronics hated us, Random updates, Dropped audio and mishaps galore yet through it all we managed to record a show….. Somehow.. Author Andrew Gable is on the show to talk about his book “The Mystery Animals Of Pennsylvania”


   “The Mystery Animals of Pennsylvania”

On Amazon: Click here




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