Aug 28, 2017

Best of Show- The Spark Ep 1- The Wendigo

We had a busy week getting our kids off to school so we couldn't nail down a recording time. By request, we will be re-airing Lobo's first Solo venture on his own. This was recorded way back a few years ago and if anything, it shows how far things have come. Original show notes - " Welcome back everyone. Due to illness from Roejen, we'll be doing something a bit different this week. Much like when Roejen hosts his “Stasis” projects. Lobo will be hosting his 1st solo venture under the monicker of “The Spark”. For this week's show, Lobo will be taking an in depth look at the Native north American legend of “The Wendigo”, The savage creature created when one dines on human flesh and is driven mad with hunger." 

Aug 24, 2017

Ep 234 Fast Food Freakouts And Follies 2017

Fast Food Freakouts and Follies 2017. Chuck Brewer from The Wheelnerds podcast returns to help us talk about everything weird and fast food related. This is our dumbest show of the year folks! Beating People with tacos? Check! Nerf Gun Rampage in McDonald's? Check! Wu-Tang Kungfu Showdown in a Taco Bell parking lot? Check! Marijuana extra crispy fries? Check! Dominos Pizza Noid rampage? Check! All of this and so much more including outtakes! This shows a long one so enjoy! 

Aug 6, 2017

Ep-233 Timothy Renner Bigfoot in Pennsylvania. News reports from the 1830’s to the 1920’s

This week we welcome guest Timothy Renner to talk about his book "Bigfoot in Pennsylvania". Long before the term " Bigfoot" was used to describe our big furry friend, people referred to sightings as Wild-men, Gorillas or Apes. Tim takes a comprehensive look at news paper articles from the 1830's to the 1920's that report encounters with these creatures. We also discuss a variety of other strange happenings in the Keystone state and talk a bit about Tim's fantastic Podcast, " Strange Familiars"

Find Tim's show at:

Strange Familiars Podcast

Purchase Tim's books at:

Bigfoot in Pennsylvania: A History of Wild-Men, Gorillas, and Other Hairy Monsters in the Keystone State

Beyond the Seventh Gate: Exploring Toad Road, The Seven Gates of Hell, and Other Strangeness in York, Lancaster, and Adams Counties



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