Feb 25, 2018

Ep 254 The return of Ivan Stang and the Church of the Subgenius

This week we finally have the return of Reverend Ivan Stang of The Church Of The SubGenius and the host of the SubGenius Hour Of Slack. We talk about the early history of the Church Of The SubGenius, how they got involved with DEVO, J.R. Bob Dobbs as ancient alien theory, Planet Nuburu, The Singularity, Monster Hunter, Flat Earth theory, The Hollow Earth, The Future of X day and so much more.

Feb 19, 2018

Ep 253 Winston Conrad-Witch Doctors Djinn and Muslim magic of Africa

This week Winston Conrad joins us to talk about his trips to Africa. We discuss Witch Doctors, Muslim Magic, Charms of invisibility and to be bulletproof, Djinn and Pagan traditions still practiced today and Sugar smuggling. Find more about Winston at www.winstonconrad.com 

Feb 12, 2018

Ep 252 True Crime Valentines Special 2018

This week R.A.Brewster returns to talk true crime for our Valentine's day show and all Hell breaks loose. Roberts computer breaks hours before we record and Lobo's dies right before we hit the record button! Roejen's Skype decides to crank his vocals as loud as possible and the computer decides to stop recording whenever it feels like. Despite all of this, we still manage to release a show. We cover Black widows who kill their mates and go off in a few other directions. Big thanks to R.A.Brewster at www.rabrewster.com  for staying with us and giving it his all! 

Feb 4, 2018

Ep 251 Shooting From The Hip

When this week's guest does a no call no show and your internet connection is falling apart what do you do? You shoot from the hip and record a show on the spot with whatever you can find. This week we dig into the Facebook group for weird news articles with zero pre-reading and manage to make a show out of nothing. We cover that girl who has sex with ghosts A LOT OF SEX, the Barney the dinosaur tantric sex thing, A Big Foot hunt goes to court, A Connecticut witch, Nutella nuttiness, Scanning your junk at the grocery store, A plane flight of plumbers has to turn around for a broken toilet, Words we can't say and an Illinois teaches wonky drug math skills, plus a few more odds and ends.


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