Mar 25, 2018

Ep 256 Eric Wojo, UFO’s and Giant Cow Angels

 This week, author and Skeptic Eric Wojciechowski (AKA Eric Wojo) is with us to talk about the worst UFO Conference ever. The " Scientific UFO Research Conference". We then talk about the whole Tom Delonge To The Stars Academy thing and why, as a skeptic, he even cares about any of this stuff.

Mar 18, 2018

Best of Ep 142 Get Religion! SubGenius, Dudeism and Batman!

By Very popular demand we are rerunning our first get religion show from a few years ago. Our first interview with Ivan Stan, The Church of Dudeism and finally with Frater Isla who created his own religion based on Batman. Heres the original show notes. "In this episode, we take a look at three alternative religions. In part one we speak with Reverend Ivan Stang of the Church of the Subgenus as he explains who J.R. "Bob" Dobbs is and what slack can do for you. In part two, We speak with Rev Gary Silvia from the Church of the later day dude. Rev Gary joins us to teach us about Dudeism and how to abide. In part three we speak with Coincidence Control Networks Frater Isla to learn about the Sons of Batman. A "Magical order dedicated to the spiritual model provided by the world's greatest urban shaman: The Batman."

Mar 11, 2018

Ep 255 Bigfoot sex sounds and when Podcasts attack!

This week we Troll Harley from Travel Oddities, We talk about Big Foot Sexually assaulting a hunter, Lobo makes Bigfoot sex sounds, Frozen Human hands in Siberia, Body parts and decapitation in Japan, Naked ATV racing in Missouri, More Biblical Jackass, The Vatican is training more exorcists, People freaking out on Airplanes and how to attract ghosts for sex and it's as dumb as it sounds.

Mar 4, 2018

Best of Ep-96-The-Science-Of-Addiction With Dr James Stoehr

Going way back to Episode 97 The Science of addiction with Dr James Stoehr. James joined us on this episode to talk about the science of how addiction works.  


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