Jul 29, 2018

Best of 2014 -Lizzie Borden and Axe murderers parts 1 and 2 With Robert Schneck

Best of from 20145. Our first look at Axe Murderers. Part one and Two, Lizzie Borden with returning guest Robert Schneck

Jul 23, 2018

Ep 268 Fast Food Freak outs and Follies 2018

Our annual look at people freaking out in fast food establishments. This year we are joined by both Chuck and Todd from The Wheel Nerds Podcast to talk about all manner of craziness. We cover assaulted with food, People freaking out over McNuggets, Taking a dump in a Tim Hortons, The traditional return of Taco...Bell, Dirt Burgers for a cop, Stripping naked for faster service and a whole lot more.

Jul 16, 2018

Ep 267 Strange Brew with Aaron and Kelly

This week Roe did an appearance on Charm The Water to talk with Aaron and Kelly about everything involving brewing. We cover a select history regarding brewing beer and mead. We look at the connections to witchcraft, Shamanism, Aleister Crowley, Moonshine and Nascar, The gods of brewing and how to make something of your own.

Jul 9, 2018

Ep 266 We didn’t pre read anything. Pew! pew!

Lobo returns this week and we return to the Ramble cast format with LOTS of weird news. Roswell crash anniversary, Firefly's Meth and green lasers, Time warp in Vegas, In Russia you die over graphics card, Roejen still can't read, Yo Dawg we heard you like Microwaves, Woman bites off mans ear in Detroit, A drunk sold his body for whisky in 1887, Laser contact lenses are coming, Taco...Bell voted best Mexican restaurant in Merica! And Guy Fieri, The Guy From Smash Mouth, And The Insane Clown Posse Guy Are The Same Person.

Jul 2, 2018

Best of Ep 55 Adam Gorighlty and Happy Trails to High weirdness

Going back a few years on this one for our first guest appearance of Adam Gorightly. Adam was with us to talk about his book Happy trails to High Weirdness. We talk about Southern California Cults like the Great 11, The fountain of the world and Charley Manson and the Solar Lodge of the  OTO.  We also cover George Van Tassel, Giant Rock, and the war battle to save the world between Pop Star Tiffany and Illuminati high priestess, Tuesday Weld. 


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