Sep 30, 2018

Ep 276 Stacy Horn and Damnation Island

This week Stacy Horn joins the show to talk about her book "Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, & Criminal in 19th-Century New York". We talk about Blackwell Islands decent into darkness and depravity. New York’s Victorian-era reformers had an idea: to isolate the city’s indigent, diseased, mentally ill, and delinquent on an island in the East River, where they could be cared for with competence and compassion. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. Find more of Stacy's books at

Sep 23, 2018

Best of Ep-136-Tom Bahammer. Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Rebroadcast with longtime show listener Tom Badhammer. Tom Joins us to talk about his recent near death experience, what he saw and how it hit the reset button on his life. Dead men do tell tales.

Sep 17, 2018

Ep 275 Maybe This Was A Bad Idea?……..

Yeah, This was a bad Idea. Lobo is back recovering from surgery and the interview we had planned fell apart but the show must go on ( and probably shouldn't have!). We toss together a show on the spot and it just goes downhill from there. Lobo's in pain, Roejens on caffeine and the internet keeps dying causing Roejen endless editing nightmares.

Sep 9, 2018

Ep 274 R.A. Brewster Weird monsters and strange stories

This week Robert Brewster of returns to talk weird Asian folklore, monsters, killers, and creatures. We take a look at the floating vampire head The Penanggalan, The walking faces know as The Kabandha and The Blemmyes, The half spider half octopus known as The Akkorokamui, A bit about dragons, and Huang Yong, China’s Street Assassin.

Sep 3, 2018

Ep 273 What the Hell just happened to me. A found audio show.

This week Roejen does a solo found audio show that he produced from his back porch! We bring you four calls to the National UFO reporting center from the mid 70's to the late 80's. All very strange encounters. All of them more than just lights in the sky. Wondering gypsies on the side of a mountain and missing time, Weeping blisters, missing time and radiation poisoning! Flaming balls of goo in thunderstorms and a truck driver on the edge as something plays havoc with his night. All of them wondering What the Hell just happened to me? and did that woman in Waterloo ever make it to her appointment?


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