Apr 28, 2019

Stasis Ep 11 Sex Magic With Steph Quick

This week, Roe welcomes Stephanie Quick to talk Sex magic, disembodied phantom penises, Manta Orgies, 45 min sex seems to be the right number and stumbling for words..  Find Steph's article at https://wethehallowed.org/sex-magic-101/ 

Apr 21, 2019

Ep 297 Danny B Stewart And Weird Utah

This week Roe is joined by guest Co-Host Jim Nettles as we interview Danny B Stewart of Provo Utah Ghost Tours. Despite audio glitches, we still manage to pull off a good show. Danny talks with us about Provo's Giant flying Manta-Ray, Thoughtforms and Ghosts, The Provo Vortex, Weird clowns in parks at 1am, Shapeshifting cat gnomes, and all other kinds of Utah strangeness. Closing music for the show Peter Murphy- Cuts you up  

Apr 14, 2019

EP 296 All She wanted was a Pepsi and a turtle Army, Say no to Energy drinks kids!

This week, Roejen goes full on energy drink extreme, Florida man with Turtle army threatens to destroy town, 20 years since Fabio took out a goose WITH HIS FACE!, Petition seeks to name black hole after Chris Cornell, The History of the Magic 8 ball, Mystery Vampire creature kills a flock of sheep, Elderly Couple sued for blasting Iron Maiden, Spiders will eat us all!, A really long Article about the Executioners rope, Woman possessed during plane flight, Cottingley Fairy photos sell for big bucks, Chinese scientists defend implanting human genes into monkeys ( do you want planet of the apes? because this is how you get planet of the apes! ), Serial Killer Rose West wins a Bakeoff and then Roejen Goes full on Cornholio after drinking way too much caffeine.

Apr 7, 2019

Best Of Ep 43 Ted Roe and Being Shaman

Going back a few years on this one. Welcome back, everyone. In this episode, We speak with UFO investigator Mr. Ted Roe about the life of being a Shaman. Ted explains the process of Shamanic practice, how it works with other religions, His thoughts on synchronicity and our abilities to effect the world around us and The art of being more aware to the world around you then, Roejen and Lobo push their personal envelopes and put a bit of themselves out in the open. This is one of those shows that you will either draw into or turn off. But first... The boys from Paratopia.net Hijack the show!


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