Dec 24, 2019

Ep 312 Christmas With Killers And Kelly Banaski

Ep 312 Christmas With Killers And Kelly Banaski

This year True Crime Author And Good Friend Of The Show Kelly Banaski Returns to talk Serial Killers And The Holidays. We Discuss Some Of The Weird things She Has Received Around The Holidays And some Of Her Ongoing Correspondences With The Condemned. Closing Music For the Show: Mariah Manson- All I Want For Christmas Is The Beautiful People ( Oh, This One's GREAT! ).

Dec 19, 2019

Ep 311 Michael M Hughes And the Golden Dawn

This week, Michael M. Hughes returns to talk Golden Dawn and All things Magic. We discuss a short history of Golden Dawn, A few different styles of magic, Witch which is which with Wicca and a whole slew of other topics. Closing Music for the show:  1000Mods- Into the Spell

Dec 2, 2019

Ep 310 The NOT A SHOW show with Chuck and Phone in Lobo

This week. Roe is bored and gives Wheel nerds Chuck a call, They babble about stuff, this gets boring, they call Lobo and babble about stuff, this gets boring, They decide that playing Live action Roleplaying in IKEA sounds like a good idea, they then decide that maybe podcasting on Pornhub is a good idea... This show might have been a bad idea...


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