Nov 30, 2020

Ep 337 The Bizarre Stories of the Penny Royal With Nathan Isaac

Extra Long Episode. This week Nathan Isaac From The Penny Royal Podcast Shares With Us His Strange And Weird Stories Of Lovecraftian Cults, Magic, Murder, Strange Creatures, Synchronicities, UFO's And More That Revolve Around A Region Of Kentucky Known As The Penny Royal. This Is A Wield Ride! Guest Co-Host is Paranormal Researcher, Asherah VII. Closing Music For The Show: All Them Witches-Heavy/ Like A Witch

Nov 26, 2020

Ep 336 Thanksgiving With Moxie, From The Your Brain On Facts podcast

This week, Moxie LaBouche From The Your Brain On Facts podcast and Author/Blogger Eric Wojciechowski Join Roe to talk about Thanksgiving Myths, Locally sourced living, and Thanksgiving day parade float Disasters. Closing Music For The Show: William Shatner- Deep Fried Turkey!! ( Yes, you read that right)

Nov 18, 2020

Best Of Ep 75 Hear My Train Ah Comin- A Look At The Life Of Being A Hobo

Rebroadcast of Episode 75 Recorded back in November of 2013 ( I think it was November?) Welcome back for Episode 75 Hear my train ah coming, the life of a Hoboken this episode and by request we take a look at Hoboes. We look at where Hobo's come from, The Hobo code, Hobo hidden symbols and signs, Tourist Union #63, Famous Hobo's in History, Tramp art, and finally how to become a Hobo yourself. Closing Music For The Show:  Jimmie Hendrix- Hear my Train Ah Coming 

Nov 8, 2020

Best Of Ep 284 Books Of Human Skin

Best Of Show. This week, Kevin Oliver is with us to take an extensive look into the world of books bound in human skin. We cover what the process is called, when did it start, is it legal, where the skin came from, and some of the more popular books that are known. For over 20 years Kevin has owned Signature Bindery of Lincoln Nebraska. Signature Bindery specializes in restoration and period binding of old and rare books, with a special emphasis on those from the 15th – 18th centuries, and is familiar with binding books of exotic hides. Closing music for the show: Indigo Girls - Shed Your Skin ( Tom Morello Mix) 


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