May 11, 2021

Ep 346 Adam Gorightly Shady characters, Alien Basses, And Dropping Acid In The Desert To See UFOs

This week, Self Proclaimed Crackpot Historian Joins A post Covid Shot Roe and Gary to talk about his new book "Saucers. Spooks, And Kooks. UFO Disinformation In The Age Of Aquarius" We talk a little about Paul Bennewitz, Richard Doty, The Legend of the underground Dulce Alien base, A list of shady characters in the UFO world and taking acid in the desert, and seeing UFOs. Closing Music For The show: Puscifer - Postulous

May 1, 2021

Ep 345 Ben Radford -The Secret Life Of Being A Skeptic Undead Clown Slayer and other stories

This week's show gets its name from the outtakes at the end of the episode. Ben Radford returns this week to talk about his new book Big-If True: Adventures in Oddity. We talk about some of the crazy correspondence that he has received over the years, The aftermath of his "Bad Clowns " book, Elvis in Home alone? The Vatican's "Miracle Examiner", Aliens are in my mucus! and lots of other craziness. Warning, Roejen is way whacked out on caffeine in this show so...Yeah.. Closing Music For The Show: Foals - What went down.


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