Ep 211 this year in Fecal Matters 2016 ” The Pooapocalypse”


Welcome back for our most juvenile show of the year. Our annual look at the weirdest fecal related news. We talk about  Roombas leaving poop crop circles, People throwing poo at one another, Japanese toilet demons, being refused a rest room? just go on the counter!, Dropping a hole in one, More poo themed places to eat, Roejen can't speak Indian  and  Toilet diving for cell phones

Woman Was Refused to Use Store’s Toilet and Her Reaction Was Extremely Shocking

75-year-old Saugerties woman throws dog poop at neighbor’s face

A Circus Worker in Sweden Was Filmed Throwing Poo at Animal Rights Activists

A poop-themed restaurant is about to break wind in Toronto

Beware the Supernatural Bathroom Spirits, Toilet Deities, and Dung Demons

Police: Chicken excrement causes 2 motorcycle crashes in Portage

Golf club hunts mystery man who keeps shitting in the holes

Hong Kong restaurant accused of serving faeces in noodles

How violent poo-chucker turned Buddhist

Inmate Mad About Not Getting Cookie Guilty Of Throwing Feces On Deputies

Man drops mobile in outhouse so friend goes in after it only to become trapped in faeces

Poopsy Bellows: Patrons clear Aspen nightclub after dancer lets loose

Roomba creator responds to reports of ‘poopocalypse’: ‘We see this a lot’

This Mumbai Goon Used His Own Poop To Keep Cops From Laying Their Hands On Him


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