Ep 242 We Will Vacuum The Fat From You!


We go to the "Ramblecast" format this week covering weird news. This week's categories for topics? Having more fun dead than alive, The return of Biblical Jackass! Drugs are bad M'kay? and a new one called... IM GOD!! We discuss a man cremated in a giant Lego coffin, Cremation ashes in your Tattoo ink, Having your ashes made into bullets, A Malaysian man who steamed himself for a holy ritual, Calling God on your cell phone directly, "God told me to throw bricks at white people!", "Meth told me to throw bricks!" A woman on Meth tries to suck the fat out of someone with a Hoover Vacuum! God strips in Traffic in Florida, Jesus Christ tries to steal the president's dog and finally, Being rapped by Goblins is a thing now? Closing Music Front 242 Headhunter

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