Ep 319 I know you wont believe me man! A found audio show


This week, it's been a pretty good clip of time since I have released a new "found audio show" and I have had a lot of requests to do another one so here we go.
This show is more calls to the National UFO reporting center from Wendy Connors's "lost Discs" compilation found on Archive.org. We have 3 calls. The first one is a man who calls in from the police department and is freaking out because he believes he was abducted somehow and has scars all over his body and a crazy set of memories. The second is two friends on a hunting trip that run across some kind of creature in the woods and shoot at it, and the last call is from a farmer who keeps having repeated contact with a UFO that interacts with him and is causing problems on his farm, His Dog dies and he begins to have health complications. Yet, he still wants to make contact with whatever is screwing with him and his wife. Closing music for the show: Tool- Rosseta Stoned.

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