Ep 327 The End Of The World And Other Weirdness With Moxie LaBouche


This week we welcome Moxie LaBouche from the "Your Brain On Facts Podcast" and good friend of the show Eric Wojciechowski . We talk about the failed end of the world prophets, the Chicken that laid prophetic misspelled eggs, Heaven's Gate, Harold Camping, Buying a ticket into heaven, And then things get really Reaaaaallly weird... We go into a Goat named Cyanide, Getting struck by lightning as your cat sets your house on fire, Way more then you could want to know about Hyena Clitorises, Pseudo penis, and "Docking". Plus, the only sanctioned George R.R. Martin burlesque show. Yeah, It gets real weird real fast.
Closing Music For The Show: Monster Magnet- Look To Your Orb For The Sign.
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