Ep 344 The Return Of Biblical Jackass With John and Garry


This Week, The return of Biblical Jackass.  A Covid recovered Roejen welcomes Garry from Bizzaro Aficionado And John from Old Nerds Drinking. This is a VERY immature show and will not be for everyone. We talk about all kinds of weird news articles about people doing stupid things in the name of religion. Pastors Farting on people's heads to heal them, A guy pulling a truck with his genitals, A couple using a stuffed lion as the word of God, Worshipping the "onion Head", Russian penis cakes in church, Putting a demon in a Barbie doll, Jesus take the wheel Meth edition, and so soooo much more immaturity. ( Hey you people have been asking for this kind of a show, here you go. Closing music for the show:  Limp Bizkit - Faith  

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