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The nick name “Roejen” comes from a botched X Box live name. I entered “Jade Ronin” and for some reason “Roejen” was what came up when the account was created. I liked the sound of it and just kept using it for any online presence. I use the name now for show purposes to maintain a bit of privacy and as a way of keeping my shows life and my private life separate.

I have had a variety of paranormal experiences throughout my life ranging from seeing a Dogman like creature to Ghost oriented phenomena to possible UFO like experiences and even catching more then one EVP.

Synchronicity also seems to play a huge part in my life. This used to piss me off to no end but over the years I have just come to except it as the more I fight it, the more it seems to fight back. Plus, more often then not, the synchronicity seems to take care of me.

I have been studying the paranormal and unusual for as long as I can remember. I recall many a morning watching “in search of..” instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons. When I was a kid I would read as many books as possible about the paranormal, the unusual or the strange. At 11 years old I was reading books from Charles Fort and Hans Holzer. I couldn’t learn enough fast enough. When I was older in my teenage years I started Ghost hunting by myself at local “Haunted places”.

Of course, except for a few family members, I never dared tell anyone I was interested in this stuff or had experiences with it. It wasn’t till within the last few years I started to talk to people about things that have happened to me or what my interests are. Even now I watch what I say and to who. Yet another reason I use the Pseudonym on the show.

A few years ago I discovered the world of podcasts. I found shows like Mysterious Universe, The 13 skulls, Errie Radio,The Paracast and the Ozone Nightmare. I was instantly influenced by these shows and eventually started recording a small segment for the 13 Skulls podcast called Anomalous. (I’ll go on record here and say that “Yes I have imitated these shows and I’m not ashamed to admit it.” If your reading this and you like what we do, search these shows out because they are why we’re here.)

At this point TJ from the 13 skulls was urging me to “Get off his couch” and go do my own thing. He kept telling me “You should be doing this on your own, you know what your doing and I’ll support you.” Satyr from the Transmissions from the bunker podcast was also egging me along. Satyr would tell me “ No matter what you do, don’t do try to do it alone. If you do I’ll grab you by the ears and shake you!”

A short time later I met Lobo when I was a guest on a episode of ADHD. I was really impressed with his knowledge and respect for the scientific, paranormal and spiritual worlds. What seemed of more interest to us both was where these area’s overlapped. After a few conversations on Skype I told Lobo I had an idea for a show. We ironed out the basic concept for what the show would be within a hour. After kicking around ideas for a name, we settled on Project Archivist because that was more or less what we where trying to do. The Spark was lit and we have never looked back.

I’ve spent my whole life growing up in southern Michigan. I’ve been married for 21 years happily and have two great kids that consistently make me proud. 

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