Dec 19, 2019

Ep 311 Michael M Hughes And the Golden Dawn

This week, Michael M. Hughes returns to talk Golden Dawn and All things Magic. We discuss a short history of Golden Dawn, A few different styles of magic, Witch which is which with Wicca and a whole slew of other topics. Closing Music for the show:  1000Mods- Into the Spell

Dec 2, 2019

Ep 310 The NOT A SHOW show with Chuck and Phone in Lobo

This week. Roe is bored and gives Wheel nerds Chuck a call, They babble about stuff, this gets boring, they call Lobo and babble about stuff, this gets boring, They decide that playing Live action Roleplaying in IKEA sounds like a good idea, they then decide that maybe podcasting on Pornhub is a good idea... This show might have been a bad idea...

Nov 28, 2019

Ep 309 Thanksgiving with friends And turkey Bowling and a few beers.

Lobo's computer died right before we recorded so Tom From "Jake and Tom Conquer The Word!" steps in to keep a Roejen on course ( and fails) This week! Turkey Bowling! White castle stuffing! Weird news articles from Thanksgiving past! Drunk Roe can't pronounce foreign words! Drunk Roe can't pronounce American words! and of course, What would a P.A Thanksgiving show be without a few stories on cannibalism!

Oct 31, 2019

2019 PA Halloween Bonus Episode

This year for The Halloween Bonus show I will be presenting a recording of A Hornbook For Witches, Stories, And Poems For Halloween. A recording of a book released in 1950 and read by "Warlock Vincent Price"

Oct 27, 2019

Ep 308 Halloween with Chris Woodyard

For the 2019 Halloween show, we have Chris Woodyard returning to speak with us about all things old, Victorian, And weird in regards to Halloween. We talk about Halloween Charms, Weird Halloween Deaths, A goblin Halloween party, Mini Coffin Threats, a bit more on Crape, How Halloween was once viewed as a way for people to find their future husbands, weird Halloween games and lots more. Then Lobo jumps on the phone as Roe attempts to eat the worst pizza ever created. Hilarity ensues and Roe just about barfs all over. Happy And Safe Halloween everyone! Closing Music: Ministry -Everyday is Halloween 

Oct 22, 2019

Ep 307 Gary Rhodes And Robert Guffey -Bela Lugosi And The Monogram 9

This week we are joined by Gary D. Rhodes and Robert Guffey to talk about their fantastic book " Bela Lugosi And The MonoGram 9". We talk about Bela Lugosi's more avant garde films that he made during World War 2, Some of his early works leading up to his iconic role as Dracula, Why he was closely watched by the FBI, And then we close out the show with a in-depth conversation about why Roe has glitter herpes and does Yard Sale brawls for Turkey Deep fryers.. Closing Music - Bauhaus- Bela Lugosi's dead ( Like We Would Use Anything Else!)

Oct 13, 2019

Best of -Interdeminsional Garden Gnomes- Remix

First, we revisit Halloween past and then we go Waaaaaaay back to episode 44  John E.L. Tenney. Some of the things on Mr. Tenney's impressive resume include Paranormal State, Unsolved Mysteries, Realm of the Weird, Weird lectures as well as consulting, writing or making appearances on Fox Television, A&E Network, SyFy, and NPR. 

Oct 7, 2019

Ep 306 Stacy Horn And Unbelievable

This week, Stacy Horn Returns to talk about her book, "Unbelievable: Investigations into Ghosts, Poltergeists, Telepathy, and Other Unseen Phenomena, from the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory" We discuss Mediums, ESP machines, Recording invisible voices, A experience of her own and a wide range of other topics. Closing Music for the show:  Shriekback - And The Rain

Sep 16, 2019

Ep 305 Billboard Liberation Front, The Cacophony Society, And Culture Jamming With John Law.

This week we welcome John Law to the show to talk about his fascinating life. John was a founding member of Burning man, The Cacophony Society, The Suicide Club, And the Billboard Liberation Front. We discuss Urban Exploration, Hacking Billboard signs, Culture Jamming and a whole slew of other topics and adventures that have happened through Johns Crazy life.  Closing Music for the show: Swiftool- We are never ever getting Stinkfist. 

Sep 3, 2019

Ep 304 Fast food Freak outs 2019 Moonshine and Muscle Milk!

Fast Food Freakouts and Follies 2019.

This year Chuck Brewer From Wheel nerds returns as Does Substitute Co-Host In training Lee Lee. Lobo tried to weasel his way out of the show but we Gorilla radio call him twice and force him to be at least a little involved. Lee Lee forces Chuck to take a shot of Moonshine every time a Florida story is mentioned so things go downhill real fast. We cover the great chicken sandwich battle of 2019, The Tortillapocalypse that forced Taco. . . Bell to not have any tortillas! the usual assortment of people freaking out in fast food establishments, People assaulting each other with food, Over food and about food. How to dispose of old hand grenades, Not enough Ketchup packets gets your ass beat, Not enough Hot sauce gets your ass beat, Lee Lee's computer is toast and Chuck loves his muscle milk..

Closing Music for the Show: The Talking Heads - life During Wartime

Aug 27, 2019

Stasis 14 Seriah, Lee Lee, and a fever for more Cowbell

This week, Roejen reveals all the craziness that's been going on in his life and a Thank you to all., But first, Seriah convinces Roejen to actually do a show and Lee lee returns to helm the co-pilot seat. By the way, Roe has a fever of 101 and is probably toasted out of his mind on Nyquil and Fever ( I was!). We discuss Roadside Paranormal, Zack Baggins, Skin Walker Ranch, The Manson murder house, Do we have a hand in creating the phenomena? Other Podcasts to listen too, And, Because Roe's brain was in Free Float Mode, a bunch of other random topics. Closing Music For The Show:  Garbage- I Think I'm Paranoid.  

Aug 11, 2019

Ep 303 Lucia Peters And Dangerous Games To Play In The Dark

 This week, Lucia Peters From The Fantastic Blog " The Ghost In My Machine" Is Back To Talk About Her New Book, "Dangerous Games To Play In The Dark" - A Guide To Summoning Spirits, Divining The Future, And Invoking The Supernatural- We cover Light as a Feather Stiff as board, Summoning The Raven Man, The Black Telephone game, The Dumb Supper, The Elevator Game to another world, The Doors To Your Mind And Many Other Weird Creepy Pasta Rituals and Legends. Closing Music For The Show: My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain For Satan

Aug 7, 2019

Stasis Ep 13 Weird Stories with Lee Lee And Gary

This week, Gary Morgan returns to tell weird stories and for the hell of it, My friend Lee Lee drops in to handle some of the co-hosting. We talk about A ghostly bouncing bed, Crazy Ouija board stories, being a boy scout and being led to a secret cult meeting and being fed worms, Missing time at an Archeology Dig, Working EMS, Crawling torso's and the flying penis, Being babysat by Blondie at CBGB"s, The lady with the cloak in the woods, a ghost child leading him to safety and lots more weirdness. Closing Music For the Show, Iggy Pop- Down On The Street 

Jul 28, 2019

EP 302 One foot in front of the other.

This week we return after an extended summer break. Things have been, well, let's just say that things for Lobo and Roe have been pretty intense as of late but the show must go on. This week we cover Birds are drones and every tweet is a lie, I'm paranoid it's really meat! Murderer released after being deemed too old to kill again kills again! The ghost of a masturbating ape haunts the hallways of a country estate in Dorset, Kentucky man attacked man with weed eater over stolen candy bars, Florida man attacks another man with dog toy after his dog attacks victim's dog, FBI Finds Bucket of Heads and Cooler of Penises at Arizona Body Donation Center, Of course we cover raiding Area 51 and rest in peace Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Music from the show King Missile- Detachable Penis. Closing Music by Corrosion Of Conformity- 13 Angels.

Jul 13, 2019

Episode 99 Joseph Matheny, Ong’s Hate and artificial Intelligence.

A re-broadcast from back in 2013. Episode 99 Joseph Matheny, Ong's Hate and artificial Intelligence. 

Jul 5, 2019

Best of Ep 63 Something wicked this way comes

Best of Episode 63 Something Wicked this way comes. Greetings Archivists and welcome back. In this episode, we are joined by show listener and good friend Shush De Oso (Seth Browder). We have a round table discussion about the topics of Magik, Witchcraft, and religion. We discuss our thoughts on how they work, the differences between them and how they overlap. We take a look at Santeria, Dutch Hex magic, Wicca, South American Curandero magic, Enochian magic, The role of the female in magic and the dreaded witch hunting book, The Malleus Maleficarum! Grab those Pentagrams folks, It's a wild ride.

Jun 24, 2019

Ep 301 Jim Pyre and Weird Stories

This week, Lobo is out of town doing dance dad stuff, sitting in the guest co-host chair is good friend James Nettles! With us this week is Podcaster, Attorney, Ghost Hunter and Author Jim Pyre. James joins us to tell all manner of weird stories that have happened to him. Fairy Lights in Alaska, Throwing his wife to the Hat Man, Phantom Jumbo Jets flying over his house, Weird monster noises in the night, A floating head with no eyes, oh, And he died too. This is a pretty crazy show. Closing Music The Pixies - Where Is My Mind  

Jun 17, 2019

Ep 300 Jason Offutt And The Offutt Files

Welcome to Episode 300. Long show this week, As promised, Jason Offutt returns to talk about stories that have been mailed to him over his years of writing about the weird and the strange. We talk about time slips, Weird monster encounters, Dog man encounters, A monkey on a stick, Strange people appearances, Monsters in the closet, and all kinds of other strangeness followed by 12 minutes of the best listener voicemails ever. Thank you for being with us for 8 crazy years. Closing Music: Tool- Invincible.  

Jun 10, 2019

Stasis Ep 12 Melissa Martell, Paranormal Forruners and the Human experience

This week, Melissa Martell from The Secret Door Podcast is with me. We talk about Paranormal Forerunners,  Shared consciousness, Canadian Paranormal Vs American Paranormal, Synchronicity, the shared human experience and a variety of other topics.   

May 28, 2019

Ep 299 Daniel Harms And Of Angels, Demons & Spirits

This week Daniel Harms returns to talk about his new book "Of Angels, Spirits & Demons- A source Book Of British Magic" We talk about the process of researching this kind of material, The wild history of the Manuscript that this book is based off and some of the kinds of spells in this book. Daniel Harms is a writer, author, and librarian living in upstate New York. Harms is best known for the books The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana: A Guide to Lovecraftian Horror, The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia, The Necronomicon Files, and The Long-Lost Friend: A 19th Century American Grimoire. Harms work has appeared in publications such as The Journal for the Academic Study of Magic, Abraxas, Fortean Times, Paranoia, and The Unspeakable Oath. He is the originator of The Shadow Over Usenet, a detailed online discussion of the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Closing Music: Puscifer - Potions

May 20, 2019

Best Of Episode 200 Stan Friedman

In honor and memory of the passing of Stan Friedman this last week, we are re-airing episode 200. Our only interview with him. For our 200th show, we decided to finally give Stan Friedman a call. We take a humorous look back at his years in the business of canceled Government projects and strange encounters in the world of UFOlogy. This is not your normal interview with Stan, Very little talk of MJ12, Roswell or Alien abductions. We dig for those rare stories that he seldom gets to tell.

May 13, 2019

Ep 298 Winston Conrad -The Green man And May day

This week, Traveling Scholar and attorney of the strange Winston Conrad returns to talk about The Pagan origins of The Green Man, The May Day Festival and other Pagan Traditions. Closing Music for show, Type O Negative- The Green Man

May 5, 2019

Best Of Ep-128-Ben Radford and Mysterious New Mexico

Best of show from back in 2016.  With the recent release of the Llorona Movie, It was suggested that we revisit this episode as a best of since it touches on the topic a bit. "Extra long two-hour show this week. Due to a home emergency on Lobo's end,  I was joined by returning Show guest Dorion to Interview Ben Radford.  Ben returns to us this week to talk about his book: Mysterious New Mexico: Miracles, Magic and Monsters in the land of enchantment. We discuss Ben's brand of skeptical research, The Thunder Birds, The Story of La Llorona, The Bone Collector Serial killer, why Psychics piss him off and The Lizardman attacks that have been in the news." 

Apr 28, 2019

Stasis Ep 11 Sex Magic With Steph Quick

This week, Roe welcomes Stephanie Quick to talk Sex magic, disembodied phantom penises, Manta Orgies, 45 min sex seems to be the right number and stumbling for words..  Find Steph's article at 

Apr 21, 2019

Ep 297 Danny B Stewart And Weird Utah

This week Roe is joined by guest Co-Host Jim Nettles as we interview Danny B Stewart of Provo Utah Ghost Tours. Despite audio glitches, we still manage to pull off a good show. Danny talks with us about Provo's Giant flying Manta-Ray, Thoughtforms and Ghosts, The Provo Vortex, Weird clowns in parks at 1am, Shapeshifting cat gnomes, and all other kinds of Utah strangeness. Closing music for the show Peter Murphy- Cuts you up  

Apr 14, 2019

EP 296 All She wanted was a Pepsi and a turtle Army, Say no to Energy drinks kids!

This week, Roejen goes full on energy drink extreme, Florida man with Turtle army threatens to destroy town, 20 years since Fabio took out a goose WITH HIS FACE!, Petition seeks to name black hole after Chris Cornell, The History of the Magic 8 ball, Mystery Vampire creature kills a flock of sheep, Elderly Couple sued for blasting Iron Maiden, Spiders will eat us all!, A really long Article about the Executioners rope, Woman possessed during plane flight, Cottingley Fairy photos sell for big bucks, Chinese scientists defend implanting human genes into monkeys ( do you want planet of the apes? because this is how you get planet of the apes! ), Serial Killer Rose West wins a Bakeoff and then Roejen Goes full on Cornholio after drinking way too much caffeine.

Apr 7, 2019

Best Of Ep 43 Ted Roe and Being Shaman

Going back a few years on this one. Welcome back, everyone. In this episode, We speak with UFO investigator Mr. Ted Roe about the life of being a Shaman. Ted explains the process of Shamanic practice, how it works with other religions, His thoughts on synchronicity and our abilities to effect the world around us and The art of being more aware to the world around you then, Roejen and Lobo push their personal envelopes and put a bit of themselves out in the open. This is one of those shows that you will either draw into or turn off. But first... The boys from Hijack the show!

Mar 31, 2019

Ep 295 Michael M Hughes The History of Tarot, Magic, and Millennials

This week, One of our best interviews in a while, Michael M. Hughes returns to talk Magic for the resistance, Why  Millennials are embracing Magic and a deep look at the history of The Tarot. Slightly longer show than normal but we cover a lot of ground. Closing Music: Hole - Gold Dust Woman

Mar 24, 2019

Ep 294 We’re going to 11…Again

Big show this week. We return back to the ramble cast format to talk interesting, funny and weird. We discuss Scientist who are growing mini brains, Lobo goes Hulk smash over Flat Earthers planning a trip to the south pole, A woman claiming to have sex with elves, Venomous hot sauce based on spider venom, Space Herpes! Playing rap music to cheese, Can you tell me who to eat down on Sesame Street, The Swiss town obsessed with the number 11, UFO's over Vegas again, Being sucked into your parent's graves really isn't cool, and people are intimidated by us!?! Closing music for the show: Disturbed- Shout. 

Mar 17, 2019

Best of Ep 158.5 25 year anniversary of the Holland Michigan UFO’s

On March 8, 1994, The 911 lines flooded with calls about strange lights in the night sky of western Michigan.  the lights were seen by people of all walks of life. The phenomena were tracked by the National Weather Service Office in Muskegon County. What's more, the meteorologist recorded unknown echoes on his radar the same time a police officer was reporting the lights. 25 years later the mystery of what the lights have never been fully explained. This show contains the recorded 911 calls of that event and the call to the national weather service. Closing Music: type O Negative with Ozzy- Images of Matchstick Men

Mar 10, 2019

Ep 293 Strange Ago with Elizabeth Yetter

This week Elizabeth Yetter is with us to talk about her blog "Strange Ago".  We discuss The caretaker for the H.H. Holmes Murder castle, Decapitated heads that bite, The Men who Searched For Bodies at Niagara Falls,  The Blue Man Of Spring Creek, Bodies found in Bags, People who lived after being hanged,  Guillotine Tattoos, Frances Death Helmet,  Executioner Anatole Deibler and lots of other weirdness.  Find her Blog at Closing Music: He Said - Not A Soul

Mar 3, 2019

Ep 292 Jason Offutt Chasing American Monsters

This week Jason Offutt returns to talk about his new book "Chasing American Monsters". A book that documents over 250 urban legends, Folklore and stories about monsters across America. We talk about Space Penguins, The Dark Watchers, The Beaver Shark, Giant Cockroach Room Services, The Loveland Frogs from Ohio, Evil Garden Gnome encounters, The Iliamna Lake Monster, The Wereotter from southern Alaska! (Otters are Adorable right?), And how folklore immigrated to our country, oh, and Pterodactyls frolicking around. Fun show this one! Closing Music: Marvelous 3 - Freak Of The Week.

Feb 26, 2019

Stasis Ep 10 Steph Quick-The Rest Of The Burning Car Story and Digging Just A Bit Deeper

 By much request, a shorter follow up show with Stephanie Quick to hear the rest of the story about the "Carbacue" on Radio Mysterioso. We then end up taking another short lap around the weirdness track. This was supposed to be a 10 minute show but ended up going 40 minutes. Closing Music: Killing Joke - A Love Like Blood

Feb 24, 2019

Ep 291 Stephanie Quick- Near Death Experience, Synchronicity,And Empathy

  This week, Good friend of the show Stephanie Quick is with us to talk about her near death experience and how it changed her life, We talk about Synchronicity and empathy. Then things get really weird as Roejen freaks out about his own experiences with empathy, Shared thoughts, and synchronicity. He spills way more about himself then he ever has before.  Sorry about the audio glitches in this one. We did all we could to fix it. Closing Music: Nine Inch Nails- We're in This Together.

Feb 17, 2019

Ep 290 Aaron Dabah-Dating The Dead And Buying The Devil

This week, Aaron Dabbah from returns to talk more Weird History and Fortean History. We discuss  Dating tips for the dead and Amazons, Why do ghosts have clothes and who makes them, The Electric Girls of Smyrna, No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition to get it right! The Sorceress Syndicate of Molfetta,  And trying to buy the Devils soul.  

Feb 11, 2019

Best of Ep-68 Daniel-Harms-and-Pennsylvania-Dutch-Hex-magic Dec 2012

 Going way back to December of 2012 for this one. Bad microphones and all. In this episode, we speak with grimoire and folk magic researcher Daniel Harms. Daniel joins us to talk about the world of Pennsylvania Dutch Hex magic and The book “ The long lost friend”. The long lost friend is essentially a book on Christian folk magic. Daniel explains to us what folk magic is, the history of the author and the book “The Long Lost Friend”, How Christian folk magic could exist, and how its practitioners used it. This is a deep and interesting look at a little discussed world of magic that is seldom heard of. 

Feb 3, 2019

Ep 289 Greg Newkirk-Hellier and the ethics of haunted objects

This week, researcher and Curator of the traveling Museum of The Paranormal & occult, Greg Newkirk joins us. We talk about his miniseries, Hellier, The nature of the Paranormal, The Dibbuk Box, How religion has played a factor in his research, and the ethics involved in curating "haunted Objects"

Jan 28, 2019

Ep 288 Andrew Gable and Forgotten Darkness

This week, writer and podcaster Andrew Gable returns to the show to talk about a variety of weird topics. We discuss old school serial killers, Ax murders, Rainmakers, Tesla's weird relationship with a dove, Poltergeists, Jack the Slasher, Jack the Stripper and a bunch of useless talk about Oreos. Outtakes at the end. Closing music is some remix of House of Pain with AC/DC and Queen.

Jan 20, 2019

Ep 288 Andy McGrath Big Cats and Jelly Squids and Werewolves, OH MY!

This week, Straight from London, Self-described Crypto Enthusiast and writer Andy McGrath returns to the show. We talk Jelly Squids, The Werewolf of Camberwell, Big Cats, Benny the Beluga Whale and smattering of other Euro-Cryptids. Find Andy's blog at Closing Music - Korn/Taylor Swift-Never Coming back Together ( No Idea who remixed it but it's dope) 

Jan 13, 2019

Ep 287 A is for Adamski part two with Greg and Adam

In part two of our show, we talk with Adam and Greg  about Wilhelm Reich and his Orgone accumulator, Lee Childers, The first man to get a trip to Venus, Musician Molly Thompson, Nick Redfern going off on people at a Christian UFO convention,  Michael Barton,  When the Contactee movement died and why.  Closing Music: Utah Saints- Something good

Jan 7, 2019

Ep 286 Greg Bishop and Adam Gorightly -A Is For Adamski Part 1

A two part show this week. We have guests Adam Gorightly and Greg Bishop on the show to talk about their new book "A" is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees". Lobo's computer died right before the show so I had to scramble for a last min co-host. Joe from The Ozone Nightmare stepped in to give me a hand. We discuss George Adamski, Sun Ra, Lee Childers, Lee Crandal and a bit about if Philip K Dick was actually a Contactee. Part two will be in the feed next week. Closing music The B52's Planet Clair

Dec 30, 2018

New years Bonus show 2018 The best of the worst outtakes and behind the scenes

 The 2018 Bonus show, The best of the worst. A look back at some of our best outtakes from the past 7 years. Our greatest worst hits. The Taylor Swift singing goat thing, Equine Roe! EQUINE!! Lobo's little yellow balls, That Power Klown thing when Lobo was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe! Our complete disregard for the English language, Our complete disregard for ANY language! Stuffing food in our mouths! Behind the scenes fun with past guests and co-hosts! And Amy from the Travel oddities podcast calls in at the very end to call Roejen a dickhead and tell us to stop fighting like two old gay men. We did some pretty funny stuff over the years.

Dec 23, 2018

Ep 285 Chrismahanukwanzakah pizza spectacular xx large

Ep 285 Chrismahanukwanzakah pizza spectacular xx large

Our holiday special! (That actually has very little to do with Christmas) We finally get around to playing all those pizza voicemails and cover a weird variety of pizza and Christmas related stories. We cover  Pizza M.R.E's, Arm sauce Pizza, Bad Santa tells everyone GTFO!, The great New Jersey Santa Brawl of 2018, The scientifically proven best pizza!, The KFC Yule log, Pizza as a drug, Cadbury Egg pizza's are gross, The pineapple on Pizza war rolls on! Domino's of Russia changes the rules on tattoo's and of course, the real stars of this episode, Your voicemails, all the way to the end of the show.

Dec 16, 2018

Ep 284 Books of Human Skin with Kevin Oliver

This week, Kevin Oliver is with us to take an extensive look into the world of books bound in human skin. We cover what the process is called, when did it start, is it legal, where the skin came from and some of the more popular books that are known. For over 20 years Kevin has owned Signature Bindery of Lincoln Nebraska. Signature Bindery specializes in restoration and period binding of old and rare books, with a special emphasis on those from the 15th – 18th centuries and is familiar with binding books of exotic hides. Closing music for the show: The Young Gods- Skin Flowers

Dec 10, 2018

Ep 283 Chris Woodyard, Haunted Objects and bad holiday food

This week show favorite Chris Woodyard returns to talk about haunted objects and killer holiday foods! We talk about haunted rocking chairs ( with a story of her own), A hairwork bracelet, Haunted gemstones, A haunted Doll, Ghostina, the haunted car, A phantom Christmas Hog train, Killer holiday meals, and more! Find Chris's fantastic blog at Closing Music: Carina Round- The Girl and the Ghost

Dec 1, 2018

Best of episode Ep-212 Haunted Fort Delaware with Gary Morgan

 Best of Episode 212. Our first show with Gary. This week, Long time show listener Gary Morgan joins us to talk about his experiences while working at haunted Fort Delaware. Gary tells us the history of the fort as well as his personal experiences in his time as a tour guide. Then Roejen babbles at the end of the show for about a half hour till Lobo tells him to shut up. All in all, a great time.

Nov 26, 2018

Ep 282 Thanksgiving leftovers-Cannibalism 2018

Our 2018 Thanksgiving Cannibalism show. WARNING- NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR STOMACH! This year we cover more people eating placenta, 21 year old cannibal eats his girlfriends brains, A Michigan woman kills her lover and serves him at a Barbecue,An English cannibal now lives in Colorado, A vegetarian dinner was serving human meat,A Russian cannibal family confesses to eating 30 people, and a horrible mother has her child eat pieces of himself.

Nov 19, 2018

Ep 281 Gary Morgan and Being a Sin Eater

This week Garry Morgan returns to talk about his family history of being Sin Eaters. No, contrary to popular belief, they did not all die off. Gary tells us about the tradition passed down from his grandfather of absorbing the burdens of those passed on so that they may move on. We talk about what the future holds for the practice and then, the conversation takes a weird turn.. Bonus outtakes at the end 

Nov 11, 2018

Ep 280 Weird Historian Marc Hartzman

This week Marc Hartzman is with us from We talk about a guy who claimed to be able to think photographs into a camera, a group that tried to photograph the soul, A coffee table made from human body parts, trying to contact Mars, God made me do it, Weirdest items sold on eBay and some of the ones Marc himself purchased and a variety of other weird topics.

Nov 2, 2018

Best of Ep-41- 42 Ben Radford Media Driven Panics and Hoaxes parts 1 and 2

Best of show. This week we have the return of Mr. Ben Radford. Ben joins us to talk about his new book “The Martians Have Landed!” A History of Media-Driven Panics and Hoaxes. We talk about the London Riot hoax of 1926, The infamous War Of the Worlds broadcast and subsequent others like it, The Halley's comet scare of 1910 and The great Pokemon panic that would make you have a seizure! Killer clowns on the rampage! and many more

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